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About the Author

Mary Downing Hahn used to be a childrens librarian. She has won more than 48 state awards for her story telling. She lives in Columbia, Maryland.

My opionion on Closed for the Season

I think this book is a great!!! This is a suspenseful book. It makes me want to keep reading to see who killled the poor old lady "Mrs. Donaldson". This is one of the only books i have read all the way through and read on my spare time. This book makes me want to start reading books. This is a great book for all ages. I like the way the author used words that kids would use in there vocabulary. Saying that Mrs. Donaldson was pushed down her own steps makes you want to keep reading and see who would break in to her house and push an old woman down the stairs and rob her. So if i were you i would check out this book as so as possible!! I plan to look around to see if this author had anymore great books like this one.


Why do people take so much advantage of old people and there treasures?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hahn creates a wonderful, fast-paced tale for adventure and mystery fans, in which Logan Forbes finds himself moving into a run down house in Bealesville, a new town outside of Richmond, Virginia. Before he even enters his new home, he learns from the boy next door that it is known as the "murder house." The previous owner was Mrs. Donaldson, who three years prior was found dead at her cellar steps and her house ransacked. Despite the weird factor of Logan's new neighbor, Arthur Jenkins, they become fast friends with similar hobbies like reading, exploring, and staying away from sports. They begin to discover clues as to what happened to the missing money from the local "closed for the season" and recently sold amusement park, the Magic Forest, where the late Mrs. Donaldson worked. Logan and Arthur must overcome local bullies, strains of new friendship, being social misfits, dangers of exploring a condemned amusement park, and gathering enough evidence to prove Mrs. Donaldson's innocence and catch the killer embezzler before starting a new school year without being labeled losers. This story has a great combination of plot, setting, and characters. Readers will enjoy trying to solve the murder mystery while identifying with the social misfortunes of being unpopular, entering middle school, and moving into a new town. It is a worthy addition to any popular fiction collection. This novel is a page turner with an engaging main character in Logan Forbes and his crazy sidekick Arthur